Birth & Fresh 48

destiny frye photography offers two birth & fresh 48 session choices

Please scroll through the options to determine which you prefer


Fresh 48 Session – Session Fee $150

Your Fresh 48 session includes;

  • Approximately 1-2 hours of shooting time in your hospital room, birth center or home if you had a home delivery
  • Documentation of your newborns first few hours after delivery. The tiny toes, hands, sleepy eyes, first feeding, first bath. Your first moments connecting with your infant as well as your family. 
  • Unposed, lifestyle style session, no props or lights will be used. 
  • Session fee includes photographer's time, talent, and equipment for the day of the session and editing ONLY. To purchase final images, clients can choose from a package of their choosing. Please inquire for details. 

Full Birth Session – Session Fee $250

Your birth session includes;

  • 3-4 hours of shooting time during labor and 1-2 hours after your baby is born
  • everything mentioned in the fresh 48 session will be included
  • Session fee includes photographer's time, talent, and equipment for the day of the session and editing ONLY. To purchase final images, clients can choose from a package of their choosing. Please inquire for details. 
  • *about digital downloads – you will have one week from the link’s creation to download your gallery – after the expiration there will be a $15 fee to re-post the gallery.  




How many births do you accept per month? 

Due to the on call nature of birth photography, I can only accept and guarantee my presence at scheduled inductions and c-sections at this time.

Can I book a birth session if I won't be induced or have a scheduled c-section?

I am open to discuss this option with you, but again I can not guarantee I'll be on call at all times. I would make every effort to be at your birth, but if a conflict would arise, you would be refunded. 

Do all area hospitals allow photography during the birth?

I highly recommend discussing photography during their birth with their healthcare provider. Some area hospitals actually have a no photography policy during birth, especially during c-sections, but I have photographed both live birth and c-section sessions at both Memorial and St. Nicholas Hospitals. If your doctor and anesthesiologist is on board with having a photographer in the room or operating room, that generally trumps hospital policy. 

When would you begin photographing my labor?

I plan to arrive at your birth location when you enter active labor. For first time mothers, I will wait until they are at their birthing place and labor is progressing. If you choose to wait at home, I will head to the birth place when you do. Knowing the progress of your contractions helps me know when to best arrive. 

How long do you stay after the baby is born?

I like to stay for an hour or two after the baby arrives. This ensures I can capture all of the new baby/mama bonding, the first exam, introductions to family and friends, and all the other important firsts. If you have a c-section, I wait until you're back from the operating room to capture all those important moments as well. 

I'm having a c-section, how does this change my birth session?

C-sections are different than vaginal birth sessions in that I am limited to one location in the operating room to stay out of the way of the medical personnel. When the baby is born and brought over to the exam table and swaddled, I then can move over to where the parents are waiting to greet the infant. I capture sweet moments between baby and mom, and then go with the baby to the recovery room. It is there that I capture all the moments mothers don't get to witness while they are still in the operating room. 

What if my baby is born early? Will you be there?

Because I am unable to be on call at all time I can not guarantee I will be available, but I will make every effort to be there. In the event I am unable to be at your birth you would have the option to transfer your credit toward a fresh 48 session, or a newborn session. 

Would all the images from my birth be online for everyone to see? I'm a private person!

Birth photography is a very intimate event, and I would not share without your permission. I love when clients give me permission to share their birth stories, but I understand that it is a private experience. 

Can we meet?

ABSOLUTELY! I would love to meet with you and find out more about what you'd love to see photographed during the birth of your baby. If you're planning a home birth, I'd love to see the space in your home sometime during your third trimester.