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I don’t do these types of shoots often, but man, when I do – it is so much fun! You have the opportunity for some real heart felt moments, which make for some beautiful candids. I was contacted by an old friend Lydia to capture her family, her sister and her fiancé, and her mom and dad all together. Magggiccc!!! I wish I could share them ALL (but I kind of did anyway…)
Enjoy feelin’ the immense love this family has for each other!

Bruce Rudie

Must have been a blast to shoot these pics. All looking like having fun, especially Clara.


Jett | NICU Photographer

Hello all!

This particular blog post is very special to me – it documents how one very little boy got to be held by his mama for the very first time. What?! Yes! Crazy! Such a wonderful moment!

Jett was brought into this world on February 12th, 2014. He came out feisty and crying, but just a little too early. Jett was 28 weeks gestation at the time his mother was diagnosed with a severe case of pre-eclampsia, and had to be delivered immediately to save not only his life, but his mother’s as well. He was rushed over an hour away to a NICU that is better equipped to handle teeny babies like him, as he was only 1 pound, 6.6 ounces and 11.81 inches long at birth.

Fast forward to our session on March 7th, and he is doing GREAT! After a little hiccup with a case of pneumonia, Jett is still fighting, and winning. He’s gaining weight, now up to 2 pounds, 2.5 ounces and gaining every day. He a little over a month old now (way to go, Jett!) and had his ventilator removed a few days ago! Great things! Miraculous things!

I came to know of Jett and his family through a mutual friend who sent me a link to his story on a Facebook page, Jett’s Fighter Pilots. After reading their story I was compelled to offer a NICU session at no cost to them, to document this time in their lives and to remember all the milestones that these tiny babies reach while they are still in the hospital.

Thank you Eva & Travis – and of course Jett, for giving me the privilege of capturing this truly special moment for your family.



“Bed head!”

Peek-a-boo Jett! We see you!:)


Destiny Frye Photography will be offering limited free NICU sessions to families who have the burden of being a NICU family. I hope to lighten the load of stress accompanied with time in the NICU by bringing some joy through the sweetest of memories with those first moments. If you or someone you know has a child(ren) in the NICU who would be interested in learning more about this service, please contact Destiny at info@destinyfryephotography.com or by using the Contact button at the top of the blog. Thank you!